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Loss of our friend Roger

I expect that by now most of you would have heard of the death of our friend and member Roger Akerman. His very quick, dark humour will be missed. He had a way of saying things that were at the same time dark but funny. He had a way of bringing you down to earth by cutting across your argument but he would not just point out where you were wrong but also come up with an alternative.

He was someone who cared about our shed, our members and what our shed stood for. He worked hard behind the scenes with his wide range of contacts and worked hard to bring in new members for the shed. His common sense, advice and enthusiasm will be missed by us all.  

Roger was a founder member of ShedQuarters and served as Treasurer for the first two years, until his health started getting the better of him. He helped cook our food and sometimes stepped in to cook the whole meal when Les was away.

His funeral service was held on Monday 18th March, 2:00pm in Saron Chapel Nantyffyllon. Followed by a service at Coity Crematorium, Bridgend, at 3:15pm. The reception was held at the Harlequins Club, Maesteg.   


If anyone missed the meeting last week you missed a marvellous dinner. Les and the boys out did themselves. There was so much, well cooked food that we did not leave the table until we were stuffed. The only shame was that there were so many missing. But we enjoyed it

Well.... After Colin had tripped the fuses in the main room so there were no lights and, more importantly, no electricity for our tea urn, he decides to do a talk on fly fishing. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything was hunky dory until Wayne came into the mix, we all know what Wayne is like, apart from being grumpy and cantankerous, he has no idea about fly fishing or safety. Colin showed him the technique a couple of times and was walking out of the way when Wayne decided to try out his new found skill, and hooked Colin fair and square.

Colin wriggled and struggled, much to our amusement, but Wayne was too strong for him and he landed a fine catch.

Next week Colin is giving a talk on chain saws, I don't think I will attend that one :-)

Lathe Tuition - Spindle Turning

On the 4th October, Dave, a local wood turner and friend of our leader, John Gates, kindly came to give our Shed some instructions on safe turning techniques.

He guided us through the aspects tools, lathe parts and spindle turning then courageously let us loose on our Axminster lathe. In the video you will see Les, John and Garfield having a go. Once we have go spindle turning under our belts, Dave will be coming back to instruct us how to turn bowls, our bowl gouge has been ordered.

If anyone knows where we can get cheap hardwood for our shed to learn with, please contact us.

{oziogallery 175}

Dave Lambert, our tutor for the day, founded the Bridgend Wood Turners Club. He is in great demand and demonstrates turning in shows and exhibitions throughout Wales, including the National Eisteddfod. Like many of us, Dave's first experience of wood turning was at school, he developed that interest and is now an accomplished wood carver.

Brecon Steam Railway Trip

Today we went on an outing to the Brecon Mountain Railway. A good time was had by all, even Wayne!

Those that were able to come were all ready to leave by 10:00, and we got there, courtesy of Forge Travel by 11:10. We then had a short time in the station cafe, looked around the workshop and station, waiting for our Loco to arrive at 12:25.

Fortunately, Dave Couch and John Davies had their SLRs with them, Colin Jordan had the club video camera.

All photos and videos are now added.

{oziogallery 173}

At last the first project has been completed using the sewing machines. John who plays several instruments in the “Shed heads” our musical group. Was concerned that his Irish drum called a Bodhran might get damaged while transporting it between gigs.

We designed a circular bag to keep it safe.  A patchwork bag is made from left over pieces of very strong  velvety material . It is about 18inches in circumference and about 6 inches deep. It has a zip that goes halfway around the circumference. To make it easy to put the drum in the case

John sewed the case together and even made and sewed on a pocket to keep the various drum sticks in.

John can’t wait to get on with his next project a waistcoat.