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We received a very nice thank you card and donation of £50 from the Village Association of Top Llangynwyd. They were very grateful that a bench in the village has been (in their words) so splendidly restored, and it was a pleasure to see it being used again.

I would like to thank Alan, David and Garfield for carrying out the work. 

The association was so pleased with the restoration that they have taken a photograph of it to send to the local Gazette newspaper and will be attaching a plaque on the bench to say that it was restored by the Maesteg Shedquarters

Now we have our sewing machine, members have shown interest in learning how to use it. Suggestions are already coming in as to what to make. High on the list are waistcoats for individuals, in fact it has been suggested that the ShedHeads, who have made their own ukuleles, should make their waistcoats as well. If they are anything like the ukuleles...... !!!

Another member of the band wants to make a bag to protect his bodhran while traveling to gigs. Another would like to make a jacket for his wife, not a straitjacket, I hope :-)   

Days at our Shed....

While members were producing in the workshop, Les was teaching in the music room, after he had prepared a superb shepherd's pie for us all. Thanks Les it was Yummy.

Last week several of our members voted to have a go at fabric manipulation and engineering. I won’t call it dressmaking because I don’t think of it that way. If someone wants to make dresses I won’t stop them or judge them, I have made several. It is about time that men made clothes that they want in the style they want and in the colours and materials that they want.

If you look into any clothes shop or catalogue there is loads of choice of smart designs and bright colours for women but there is always that small dark corner, usually at the back of the store. Where the clothes, would not look out of place in a muddy field. Because that is the colour of them, in very few choices of style.

There are places in the world where men dress in smart colourful clothes. Why can’t the men in Wales dress just as smart. We don’t all wear mufflers and cheese-cutter caps and yorks. Can you remember what yorks are?

Learn a new skill. Learn how to turn a two dimensional cloth into a three dimensional article that fits you and shows your personality.

Remember that it is the PeaCock that has the brightest feathers.        


Wanted: Game makers and testers.

We are hoping to put on a games jamboree for the Bridgend Cluster of Sheds during May.

To do that we need to come up with ideas for games, to make and test them. We are looking for volunteers who don't mind getting stuck in and maybe looking a bit daft at times.

We need enough games and competitions to keep about 40 -50 men happy for about three to four hours. If successful we can think about producing game to distribute to other organisations in the valley and further afield. 

On Thursday Evening 22nd March, I attended an All Wales basic Safeguarding Awareness Course at BAVO. It is a condition of us receiving grants that we have certain thing in place.

We have to have a bank account with an audited account.

We have to have a Constitution to make sure that we are run properly. We have to have insurance cover in case of accidents.

Since we did not have a Safeguarding policy in place when we applied for our grant we had to promise that we would have a safeguarding policy in place as soon as possible to ensure that all our members are safe and free from any kind of abuse or prejudice.

It was decided that myself, John Gates, will now be the named Safeguarding Officer for the “Maesteg ShedQuarters”. Since it is everybody’s responsibility, to see that none of our members suffer abuse of any sort.

The telephone numbers of the relevant authority will be posted on the board so that you can report it to John Gates or report it directly your self.

During Steve's talk on Depression he spoke about Mindfulness as a means to overcome Depression and Stress. Afterward we asked for more information on Mindfulness.

He arranged for his colleagues Emma, Clair and Kate to come and give us a talk on the subject. The ladies used two diagrams to illustrate the talk. One was what they called the "Jelly Man". They drew a picture of a man on the whiteboard to describe how depression or stress can affect the various parts of the body. Starting at the head with headaches, Heart palpitations and shortness of breath, Stomach upset, going back and fore to the toilet more often and shaky legs (that is where the jelly man comes in).

The second diagram they drew was of a triangle. Starting at the apex with

Thoughts <>Feelings <> Behaviour

Once your mind starts going around the triangle the faster and faster it seems to go. Our worries build until we can’t cope  As with the fire triangle (Fuel <> heat <> Oxygen), you break the triangle to put the fire out. Break the mind triangle to combat depression and stress.

Mindfulness is our natural ability to be aware of or hold thoughts, feelings, sound, how our body feels and the environment.

Rather than worrying about what has or might happen. When we concentrate on the present we deal with whatever is happening not worrying about what might happen.

We also had a chance to practice Mindfulness by listening to a 10 minute tape helping us to meditate and to concentrate on different parts of our body, our breathing, sounds or images. Using Mindfulness as a way of calming our mind and dealing with depression and stress.

We found it a interesting and pleasant experience