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Brecon Steam Railway Trip

Today we went on an outing to the Brecon Mountain Railway. A good time was had by all, even Wayne!

Those that were able to come were all ready to leave by 10:00, and we got there, courtesy of Forge Travel by 11:10. We then had a short time in the station cafe, looked around the workshop and station, waiting for our Loco to arrive at 12:25.

Fortunately, Dave Couch and John Davies had their SLRs with them, Colin Jordan had the club video camera.

All photos and videos are now added.


At last the first project has been completed using the sewing machines. John who plays several instruments in the “Shed heads” our musical group. Was concerned that his Irish drum called a Bodhran might get damaged while transporting it between gigs.

We designed a circular bag to keep it safe.  A patchwork bag is made from left over pieces of very strong  velvety material . It is about 18inches in circumference and about 6 inches deep. It has a zip that goes halfway around the circumference. To make it easy to put the drum in the case

John sewed the case together and even made and sewed on a pocket to keep the various drum sticks in.

John can’t wait to get on with his next project a waistcoat.

On the whole this is a good report but we have to do better by the mid-term report if we want more money of them.


This is what Elizabeth said we have to do


  • If they would like to reallocate some of the budget and provide details of the reallocation.
  • Complete the capital asset tab for the capital expenditure.
  • Amend the income projection to reflect a realistic projection.


But there are other things that we need to do.


  1. In addition to this there are interest sessions on other days of the week, which was not included in the six months update, but has been advised to include in future reports, as well as events.
  2. The group has been advised to keep working towards the 80%, ( members from their designated areas) and not go below the 70% reported at six months, and if still below 80% at midpoint, to make up the 80%, they can count those that are economically disadvantaged from outside of the agreed areas, which the group said are 100%.


3.  The group agreed that recording system can be improved. They feel they could use    an online diary for the weekly meetings and events.


4.  Outcomes are measured through the AC outcome questionnaire and informal feedbacks. Advised that the outcome could be more robust, by adding quotes and specific feedbacks from the participants, and some case studies. The group plan to write some case studies and submit this with future report. Also will start recording anecdotal feedbacks. #


We Need a scribe. Someone who enjoys writing stories,


Recruitment will continue by target leafleting in the agreed areas.


We need to do this during the summer

13% of the budgeted costs underspent at six months. The group has been encouraged to reimburse volunteers for their travel expenses, and also agreed that some of the volunteers expenses originally intended for travel, but not used, could go towards subsidising the cost of ingredients for the shared meal.


The management committee member in charge of purchasing the materials explained that he has been frugal and careful with spending, and has been able to get many of the materials cheaper than budgeted resulting in the underspent, so have been advised that more materials could be purchased to be used later. The group confirmed that the expenditure will be on track by midpoint of the project as many activities will take place in the summer months. However, the Insurance budget will be underspent as they have been able to get this cheaper for £170 instead of the £350 budgeted per year. The group has been advised to discuss how the underspend could be reallocated and provide details in the midpoint update.


 We need to decide how we are going to spend the money without wasting it.


The good news is that:


The group has been advised that they are eligible to reapply once they have gone pass the midpoint, (which is this December) if the programme is open in their area.

As you will see from our Events Calendar, we will be receiving a visit from Alison Clement (Public Health Wales  ) on the 19th July. This is the information she has sent me. If you know of anyone who would be interested invite them along.   

There are two opportunities to be on TV have come our way. Very often at the back of TV programme papers there are opportunities for you to sign up to appear on TV programmes. Always bear in mind when dealing with television companies they will offer you something but they will want something in return

One television company has been in touch with us because they have heard of us. The other came to us via a company that is involved in Adult Education.

The first one, is the company that makes the programme “The Apprentice”. They had heard about our ukulele group. What they are offering is the opportunity to go into a recording studio to have tuition and to record a song. What they want is a story that they can put on air. They want to see the improvement you make in the studio and they want a story about the song.

That programme will be done as a group. The second one will be done as an individual. I have had experience of this problem and I have seen the benefit of seeking help. If you are interested either get in touch yourself or come to me and I will help you.

I will be asking for further information and will let you know as soon as I get it. 

When others were in our workshop, fabric engineering was taking place upstairs. John Gates is seen preparing the men in sewing techniques, ready for us to make our own waistcoats. John teaches at the local adult education centre.

Covering Notes 1st June 2018:

P2 SaH Project Costs – These are cost put towards the Health Lottery Grant

P2 HM Project Costs – Paid to Andre for Exhibition last year.

P2 BE Project Costs – Paid to Les Jones for FareShare Food delivery.

ShedQuarters pays £10 per week against a £12.50 per week bill to FareShare. ShedQuarters pays 80% of the food delivery, the remaining 20% is paid by the Courthouse for the Youth Projects. Up to now, we have not received invoices or lists of items received. I have asked Les to supply these from now on.

Colin Jordan is the new Treasurer and he is doing well. We have decided to keep cash payments to a minimum, this is too confusing in the day book. We will endeavour to bank all cash and not have a float. I have spoken to Les about cash purchases of tea, coffee and other small emergency items and he has agreed to save up the receipts and receive a cheque at the end of an appropriate period.

Please try and bring change each week for your membership/subs.

The Membership/Subs credits are easily covering our running costs and, from membership/subs, we have been able to buy an Indoor Kurling Game and with the help of our active carpenters, some other games have been created, which were used at our first Games Jamboree.

As you know, Tyrone has been storing his woodworking machinery in the workshop and we have been pressed for space to buy our own equipment. Tyrone has now removed his tools and we now have good quality hand tools, a quality wood lathe and a 10” mitre saw. On order is a 10” saw table and the first of our two laptops.

Yesterday I purchased a mains connected wifi kit, so our wifi problems will be solved, enabling members to access the internet and learn some of the more advanced functions available. I have also asked Les Jones, as the Courthouse rep, to ask their ISP for a free router upgrade.

All band equipment has been purchased, as you know, the band has had donations for their gigs. We bought a Bodhran for £38 to enable all interested members to learn the technique. I have been practising, Colin has had a go for a month and now wants to make his own tipper/stick on the lathe, Mike is having a go now. A visitor from Adult Learning Bridgend also donated a couple of bongos.

As we have a master fabric engineer in the form of John Gates, it was suggested that we buy a sewing machine to make our own waistcoats. John is collecting fabric for our patchwork material.

Access ShedQuarters Accounts here:

If you have any questions about the accounts, please call me, Mark on 07896 621429.