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On Thursday Evening 22nd March, I attended an All Wales basic Safeguarding Awareness Course at BAVO. It is a condition of us receiving grants that we have certain thing in place.

We have to have a bank account with an audited account.

We have to have a Constitution to make sure that we are run properly. We have to have insurance cover in case of accidents.

Since we did not have a Safeguarding policy in place when we applied for our grant we had to promise that we would have a safeguarding policy in place as soon as possible to ensure that all our members are safe and free from any kind of abuse or prejudice.

It was decided that myself, John Gates, will now be the named Safeguarding Officer for the “Maesteg ShedQuarters”. Since it is everybody’s responsibility, to see that none of our members suffer abuse of any sort.

The telephone numbers of the relevant authority will be posted on the board so that you can report it to John Gates or report it directly your self.