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Men at the Centre (Exhibition)

We have put together an interactive, multi media exhibition that we plan to tour all over the borough.

The exhibition asks the question what does it mean to be a man today. It also gives and example of what ‘shed life’ is all about for the members of this practical group for men in Maesteg calling ourselves ShedQuarters Maesteg.

We are proud to be part of the national body called Men’s Sheds Cymru and hope that people viewing the exhibition will both be inspired to start, join or support a men’s shed in their area.

If you would like to talk about booking the exhibition for your area then please contact us.

This project has been grant funded by BAVO

Exhibition Layout

A space 6m x 6m is ideally required, but we can scale it, so please contact us to discuss.

Men At Centre- Floor Plan

Exhibition Launch Event (29/03/17) at Maesteg Town Hall

See for yourself and hear what people think.

Media Aspects of Exhibition

This exhibition is a full multi media and interactive exhibition that will engage both young and older people of all abilities.

The centre of the exhibition is a small, white, wooden shed (photo coming soon) with two screens and two MP3 players attached to it with headphones featuring the following media content:

Exhibition Introduction (audio)
Short audio introduction to exhibition explaining it all.

Music Video

Interactive Video Game
You get to choose to play as either and elderly man living alone or a young man trying to find his way in the world and along the way both characters have to make choices and that means you decide what they should do. This is a great activity for both for young and older people, but must be experienced at the exhibition and that is why there is no example here.

(Photo coming soon)

Blue Scars Radio Play (audio)

Talking Mannequins

We have made two mannequins representing men and you can actually listen in on their conversation by leaning in between them. Here is what you will hear…
(Photo Coming Soon)
We are open to recording a new conversation with men in your area.

Talking Sheep

We have made a talking sheep (fun for the kids) singing an adapted nursery rhyme highlighting where our food comes from and that it is important to engage with our rural life.
(Photo Coming Soon)

Men and Food

You can sit at a table and listen to men having a meal and talking about why doing it together is important.

Singing Together

Join in with the live music and singing at the exhibition and you can even take away your own song book!

Photo Gallery

This black and white images depicting ‘shed life’ is displayed on the black border that surrounds and encloses the exhibition lit my the gallery lighting system.

Art Exhibition

See a very small sample of the work of artists in the shed. Have a listen to what people think about the work.
We are open to include artists from your area.

Craft ‘Have A Go’

See the amazing work and take part in some ‘tatting’ yourself or other craft activity.
We are open to include crafters from your area.

Rambling & History Display

Find out more about what interesting walking routes are about as well as see some fascinating aspects of the industrial heritage of the Llynfi (or indeed about your area)
We are open to include historians from your area.