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Lathe Tuition - Spindle Turning

On the 4th October, Dave, a local wood turner and friend of our leader, John Gates, kindly came to give our Shed some instructions on safe turning techniques.

He guided us through the aspects tools, lathe parts and spindle turning then courageously let us loose on our Axminster lathe. In the video you will see Les, John and Garfield having a go. Once we have go spindle turning under our belts, Dave will be coming back to instruct us how to turn bowls, our bowl gouge has been ordered.

If anyone knows where we can get cheap hardwood for our shed to learn with, please contact us.

{oziogallery 175}

Dave Lambert, our tutor for the day, founded the Bridgend Wood Turners Club. He is in great demand and demonstrates turning in shows and exhibitions throughout Wales, including the National Eisteddfod. Like many of us, Dave's first experience of wood turning was at school, he developed that interest and is now an accomplished wood carver.