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As a child, I was unable to take part in active sports, and tiddlywinks got incredibly boring.  Along came my Gran and patiently taught me the basics of knitting, crochet and cross-stitch. I took to cross-stitch most of all, and did quite a bit in my early years.

Then came studies, work and family, so time became limited (and it just wasn’t the thing to do).

Now, having retired, and not being particularly proficient with a hammer, I have joined the growing squad of Fabric Engineers to renew my acquaintance with a needle and thread.I have finished a number of small kits, which I will be making up into cards intended as birthday or other occasion cards, each with a “masculine” theme, such as trains tractors, cars, etc., and these should be ready for sale quite soon.

My next projects are, a 1956 BSA Gold Star motorbike, which should be about 9 x 6 inches when completed, and an ambitious project to reproduce a 1960s etching by George Chapman called ‘Going Home’, depicting the end of a shift at a Colliery. I hope Mr Chapman won’t mind the liberty - it will be in aid of Maesteg Shedquarters! No promises on the latter, though, as it is likely to be even bigger than the bike.  The work is going to be interpreted from a computer download of the etching, quite an undertaking.

I have found stitching therapeutic, tough enough to keep an active mind interested and something of a talking point with my fellow Shedders. If anyone out there is interested in this activity - don’t be shy............

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