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We now have members learning how to repair clocks at ShedQuarters. Clock repair is a very rewarding pass time and can be developed into a small business, after a lot ofClock Repair Men's Shed Wales practice.

Here you can see Roy learning how to strip and re-assemble a small clock he brought in. The next project he will attempt will be stripping an antique French movement, cleaning, polishing and re-assembling it ready for it's housing.

Another member has brought in an American Ansonia mantel clock circa 1890. His clock has no anchors for the dial, no glass and a poorly repaired hinge. He has already helped in adding copper anchor tabs to the rear of the dial, removed lead solder from various places around the bezel and has measured the correct size for the glass with a digital vernier.

In the next session he will help drill the dial anchors and cut a new clock glass from a sheet.

Clock Repair Maesteg