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The Making of a BellyFest Calendar

Yes bellies were exposed and a few other things too, but fortunately they did not get included in the calendar this year!

I went along to the last two shoots of the calendar where all the members turned out to support their club over weekends throughout the year. The boxing shoot was on a Sunday and was a continuation of the morning shoot at the allotments, where Caerau ShedForce grow fresh vegetables for their regular meals on a Friday (more Faggots & Peas please).

The allotment shoot included some inappropriate abuse of a poor courgette, that was innocently watching on a nearby table, again these shots were omitted from the final product.

The boxing shots were at a local gym and I can tell you, it wasn't warm in there. The participants were heroes, first covered with oil, then dowsed in water to get the sweat effects.

The final shoot at the mining monument and was set for 9:00am on a Saturday, again all turned up on time. A coach was hired and a professional drone pilot was there to get the front and rear cover shots and other shots for the video. It was well organised and the whole shoot took just one hour, as Phil (Scenic Gallery Photography) and Chris (Colour Black Productions) were already set-up before we all got there.

People I have shown the calendar to are really surprised at the quality, this is due to the two talented members, who are local professionals with many years of experience, they went beyond the call of duty to photograph and video this spectacle of manflesh.

A big thanks to Phil and Chris and to all those Caerau Shed members for making me feel welcome on those final shoots.

Support Caerau Men's Shed - buy a calendar for £7.25 here at the Scenic Gallery website.