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Ukulele Tuition at The Court House Maesteg

The Court House Ukuleles Maesteg will soon be hosting Tuesday ukulele tuition sessions (with complimentary coffee or tea) at £3.00 per session.

These sessions are aimed at beginners mainly, but if you are an intermediate player, you will be welcomed. The sessions will be fromUkulele Tuition Maesteg 11am until 12:30pm and will include chord progressions, strumming patterns, songs and effects/amps/recording, if you are interested.

No music theory will be taught, but if you want to know, we will help, we will teach you Tab, which is much more useful for fretted instruments than standard notation.

You also have the opportunity to jam along with our resident ukulele band, the ShedHeads, if you wish.

If you need help choosing a uke, we can give you some advise, the first being, ensure a low string height at both ends of the fret-board.

We have club ukuleles so that you can try a session with one of ours, before you buy. Practise sheets, chord sheets and song sheets will be provided.

All adults welcome, if you are at a loose end during the day, want to get into some accompanied singing or want to join a uke club, come along and join us.You will soon be at a decent standard, the uke is a very easy instrument to learn, if you have 30 minutes practise time a day and some patience.

Uncle Dave Macon, a famous banjo player of the 1920s/1950s, was asked in a radio interview, "can you read music", he answered "not enough to hurt my playing".

Phone Mark on 07896 621429 for more details and when our sessions will start.

The Court House, 4 Station St, Maesteg CF34 9A