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ShedHeads - Music For All

Making music together is one of the key activities at ShedQuarters, not only for the relatively few people who play instruments, but for any of the Shed members who can shake a tambourine or clack two clave sticks together, or can sing along with the music. Everyone can join in, and perhaps learn an instrument for the first time, or take on a new instrument. Practice sessions are on a Thursday, for about an hour or so, and we've put together a set of tunes that we want to turn into a performance. We've already produced a Shed Heads community song book ("Singing From The Same Hymn Sheet") of old favourites that we can all sing along with, and we'll produce a performance song book for the Shed Heads Choir. Our June Shed broadcast on Celtica Radio included the Shed Heads playing and singing a two song medley of "Please don't talk about me when i'm gone" and "Five foot two, eyes of blue". Have a listen, hopefully it'll inspire you to have a go!

Come along to our Thursday sessions, bring an instrument if you play. If you have choir experience, and would like to help bring the Shed Heads Choir together, let us know, we'd love to have your help.

Article by Les Jones