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Men's Sheds Play Elvis at Porthcawl Festival Bridgend 2017

It was a beautiful warm Saturday September 23rd when a few ukulele players got together to play at the Elvis Festival at Porthcawl, Bridgend.

Men's Sheds Squirrel's Nest Bridgend and Shedquarters Maesteg were much appreciated at the festival. They started playing along the esplanade, away from the large P.A. systems and the crowd were soon joining in. After only 20 minutes of playing, they were discovered by the MC of the Dog Show and ushered to the arena to play, to get the crowd warmed up before the show.

Later they had Elvis dancing in front of them and a karaoke singer, who may have been a little inebriated, as she introduced herself by asking, "where's your f****ng coinage pot?". Anyway, the crowd seemed to enjoy it!

If you want to learn the uke or any other instrument, come along to ShedQuarters on a Thursday, we are a friendly bunch. If you already play an instrument and want to join in, come along.

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