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Learn or Play Along with us
Join the Camera Club - Any Phone or Camera will do
Learn the Drums, or Come & Play
Make a Waistcoat with John

Lathe Tuition - Spindle Turning

On the 4th October, Dave, a local wood turner and friend of our leader, John Gates, kindly came to give our Shed some instructions on safe turning techniques.

He guided us through the aspects tools, lathe parts and spindle turning then courageously let us loose on our Axminster lathe. In the video you will see Les, John and Garfield having a go. Once we have go spindle turning under our belts, Dave will be coming back to instruct us how to turn bowls, our bowl gouge has been ordered.

If anyone knows where we can get cheap hardwood for our shed to learn with, please contact us.

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Dave Lambert, our tutor for the day, founded the Bridgend Wood Turners Club. He is in great demand and demonstrates turning in shows and exhibitions throughout Wales, including the National Eisteddfod. Like many of us, Dave's first experience of wood turning was at school, he developed that interest and is now an accomplished wood carver.

At last the first project has been completed using the sewing machines. John who plays several instruments in the “Shed heads” our musical group. Was concerned that his Irish drum called a Bodhran might get damaged while transporting it between gigs.

We designed a circular bag to keep it safe.  A patchwork bag is made from left over pieces of very strong  velvety material . It is about 18inches in circumference and about 6 inches deep. It has a zip that goes halfway around the circumference. To make it easy to put the drum in the case

John sewed the case together and even made and sewed on a pocket to keep the various drum sticks in.

John can’t wait to get on with his next project a waistcoat.

There are two opportunities to be on TV have come our way. Very often at the back of TV programme papers there are opportunities for you to sign up to appear on TV programmes. Always bear in mind when dealing with television companies they will offer you something but they will want something in return

One television company has been in touch with us because they have heard of us. The other came to us via a company that is involved in Adult Education.

The first one, is the company that makes the programme “The Apprentice”. They had heard about our ukulele group. What they are offering is the opportunity to go into a recording studio to have tuition and to record a song. What they want is a story that they can put on air. They want to see the improvement you make in the studio and they want a story about the song.

That programme will be done as a group. The second one will be done as an individual. I have had experience of this problem and I have seen the benefit of seeking help. If you are interested either get in touch yourself or come to me and I will help you.

I will be asking for further information and will let you know as soon as I get it. 

When others were in our workshop, fabric engineering was taking place upstairs. John Gates is seen preparing the men in sewing techniques, ready for us to make our own waistcoats. John teaches at the local adult education centre.

Ukulele Tuition by Maesteg Ukulele Club

The Maesteg Ukulele Club is hosting Thursday ukulele lesssons from 6pm at Cwm Calon Community Hub.

These sessions are aimed at beginners mainly, but if you are an intermediate player, you will be welcomed.

You also have the opportunity to jam along with our band at The Cross Inn, Maesteg every Monday at 7:00pm, if you wish.

If you need help choosing a uke, we can give you some advise, the first being, ensure a low string height at both ends of the fret-board.

We have club ukuleles so that you can try a session with one of ours, before you buy. Practise sheets, chord sheets and song sheets will be provided.

All ages welcome, if you are at a loose end during the evening, want to get into some accompanied singing or want to join a uke club, come along and join us. You will soon be at a decent standard, the uke is a very easy instrument to learn, if you have 30 minutes practise time a day and some patience.

Uncle Dave Macon, a famous banjo player of the 1920s/1950s, was asked in a radio interview, "can you read music", he answered "not enough to hurt my playing".

Phone Shaun on 07747 425035 for more details, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our Facebook page here.


Maesteg Ukulele Festival 18th July 2020

The third Maesteg Ukulele Festival is being organised by the Maesteg Ukulele Club and will be held on the 18th July from 12:00pm.

The venue is at Maesteg Celtic RFC, Garth, CF34 0NE.

The hall itself has a stage similar to the one at the Usk festival, the hall itself is slightly longer than Usk, but about same width.

Confirmed bands will appear here:

County Shed Name Website Phone Activities
Bridgend ShedQuarters Maesteg 07896 621429

Clock repair, band, workshop, instrument making, photo club, cooking, podcasting with radio broadcast


ShedFest 2017 ShedQuarters Maesteg 07896 621429

The event will take place Saturday the 2nd of September at Ogmore Life Centre starting 10am and finishing at 3pm. There will be wet weather provision outside as well as indoor activities, so no need to stay at home in case it rains!


Bridgend Caerau Men's Shed

07966614459 Caerau Men's Shed meets every Friday at 1pm to 3pm at Noddfa Community Project Caerau Road Caerau. Every man is welcome over the age of 18. For more information contact Phil John or Chris Davies