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Occasionally the ISS crew will broadcast Slow Scan TV (SSTV) on the Amateur Radio VHF Band at 145.800MHz. Over the next few days they will be sending photos over this frequency that can easily be decoded on a phone app, this is demonstrated in the video below.

If you want to know about Amateur Radio and how it can help relieve isolation, come along to the club on a Thursday at 10:30. Getting into Ham Radio couldn't be easier now, there are three tiers (Foundation, Intermediate and Full) and there is no Morse Code to learn, unless you want to later. The Foundation allows you to get on all the bands with a power limit of 10 Watts, but that is plenty to get into many repeaters and Europe, there are also digital modes, where you can speak to people all over the world on 1 Watt.

As you can see, you don't need a load of expensive equipment, a handheld starts at about £25, the antenna is less than £10.

We have had some more feedback regarding our chair artwork from Mel Brimfield. She has sent us a video and some photos.

A Boxing Day Mining Disaster at a Maesteg Colliery

You can just imagine the news paper headlines in 1863.

At the meeting of the Shedquarters Men’s Shed last Thursday 10th June, Mr. Roy Meredith gave a talk and power point presentation on the disaster at the “Gin Pit” Maesteg. No it was not names the Gin Pit because they produced gin. It did produce coal and also iron ore to be used in the iron works. Which was where the Tesco’s store is situated today, just below the Gin Pit. It is believed it was named the Gin Pit after the horse driven machinery that wound the coal and iron ore up the shaft. The depth of the shaft was only 345 feet deep. Maesteg town centre is built where the coal seams come very close to the surface.  The coal was worked on an incline, so the actual workings would have been lower than that.
The colliery shaft is situated in what is now Maesteg Welfare Park, in front of the hospital. The area is fenced off because whatever they used to fill the shaft has started to settle. There is now a memorial to the 14 man and boys who died on the 26th December 1863.
The coal part of the pit was worked using the “Pillar and stall” method. The stall was a narrow road way driven into the coal in a grid fashion. Leaving the pillar squares to help hold up the roof. The stalls are worked to the boundary and then worked in retreat. It is then that the coal within the pillars is removed and the roof allowed to fall in. This method of working was notorious for the difficulty of ensuring good ventilation for clearing any gas(methane) out of the workings.
During the inquest it was stated the on an inspection that took place on Christmas Eve, the “Fireman” did not find any gas. Christmas day was a holiday so no inspection took place. It was when the work started back up on Boxing Day that the incident took happened. The incident was blamed on a 21 old man and a 14 year old boy who it is thought took a naked flame into the workings and that was what caused the explosion. The verdict of the inquest was accidental deaths. Both the 21 year old and the 14 year old were among those who died in the explosion.
It was not known what compensation was paid to the families of the men and boys killed.


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There are two opportunities to be on TV have come our way. Very often at the back of TV programme papers there are opportunities for you to sign up to appear on TV programmes. Always bear in mind when dealing with television companies they will offer you something but they will want something in return

One television company has been in touch with us because they have heard of us. The other came to us via a company that is involved in Adult Education.

The first one, is the company that makes the programme “The Apprentice”. They had heard about our ukulele group. What they are offering is the opportunity to go into a recording studio to have tuition and to record a song. What they want is a story that they can put on air. They want to see the improvement you make in the studio and they want a story about the song.

That programme will be done as a group. The second one will be done as an individual. I have had experience of this problem and I have seen the benefit of seeking help. If you are interested either get in touch yourself or come to me and I will help you.

I will be asking for further information and will let you know as soon as I get it. 

Ukulele Tuition by Maesteg Ukulele Club

Club nights Monday 7:30pm - 9:30pm, Caerau Development Trust

Caerau Development Trust, Woodlands Terrace, Caerau, Maesteg, CF34 0SR

There will be £2 subscriptions every week which will include tea or coffee. Soft drinks are extra.
Jam in the Park every Saturday 11am (Weather Permitting)
"Jam in the Park" will take place at Maesteg Welfare Park, every Saturday at 11am during the Summer months. If weather is bad then these will not run.
Zoom Sessions for Children Tuesday 6pm
For those children that wish to learn the ukulele, a children's Zoom session is held every Tuesday at 6pm.
Zoom Beginner sessions Tuesday 7pm
For those that wish to learn the ukulele during this time, a beginners session is held every Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom.

If you need help choosing a uke, we can give you some advise, the first being, ensure a low string height at both ends of the fret-board.

We have club ukuleles so that you can try a session with one of ours, before you buy. Practise sheets, chord sheets and song sheets will be provided.

All ages welcome, if you are at a loose end during the evening, want to get into some accompanied singing or want to join a uke club, come along and join us. You will soon be at a decent standard, the uke is a very easy instrument to learn, if you have 30 minutes practise time a day and some patience.

Uncle Dave Macon, a famous banjo player of the 1920s/1950s, was asked in a radio interview, "can you read music", he answered "not enough to hurt my playing".

Phone Shaun on 07747 425035 for more details, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our Facebook page here.

Watch our latest Show For Hope Virtual Festival Here:


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Bridgend ShedQuarters Maesteg 07896 621429

Clock repair, band, workshop, instrument making, photo club, cooking, podcasting with radio broadcast


ShedFest 2017 ShedQuarters Maesteg 07896 621429

The event will take place Saturday the 2nd of September at Ogmore Life Centre starting 10am and finishing at 3pm. There will be wet weather provision outside as well as indoor activities, so no need to stay at home in case it rains!


Bridgend Caerau Men's Shed

07966614459 Caerau Men's Shed meets every Friday at 1pm to 3pm at Noddfa Community Project Caerau Road Caerau. Every man is welcome over the age of 18. For more information contact Phil John or Chris Davies