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11.14.2019 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
John Gates


I am the local Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor working for South Wales Police; my role is to reduce the number of victims of crime and in doing so raising awareness around scams.   I am keen to talk to any group that would benefit from having an input from myself around how to keep safe from scams and rogue traders.  I feel knowledge is pertinent and imparting some practical tips to alleviate unwanted callers may help keep your members safe.  Sadly scams are becoming more sophisticated and many are being caught out with thousands being lost locally on a daily basis.


I can confirm I will be attending the Men Shed in Maesteg on 14th November at 11am but if there is any other group that would like to take up the opportunity to have me talk I have outlined my contact details below.


Look forward to seeing you on the 14th.


Kind regards


Deborah Elwood