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Flora Photo Challenge

Ok Chaps, ShedQuarters Photo Challenge 2.0 is here at last. It took a tad longer to finalise the Urban Landscape Challenge than expected, but hey, we're in no hurry.

So.... the challenge is flora, that means all plant life, not just the flower on a potted plant, although that can be very interesting as you will see below. Try and keep your hands steady by leaning on something, and take the photos in good light, this will add to sharpness, detail and colour. This is not a high tech camera challenge, two of the last winning photos were taken with an iPhone and a pocket camera. One of the best was taken with a very basic phone.

Also, the photos must be recent, photos you have taken for this challenge, not archive photos you have dragged up from the depths of your hard drive. Please don't strip the metadata when using photo editors (don't worry, this is a deliberate setting), these will not be accepted.

I would like people from other clubs to send their photos too, your best 4 only. The prize, at the moment, will be limited to the best from ShedQuarters, but we hope to expand this, with the co-operation of other club organisers.

If you have submitted 4 photos but take a better one or two, just email me the new photos and I will swap your chosen rejects out.

You have time, we are extending the deadline to the end of November, so get those Autumn colours while you can.

Happy shooting.....


Firstly, I would like to thank all the entrants of the challenge, we had a few that had never used a camera and most who had never entered a themed challenge. This was our first photo challenge and we hope to have many more in the future.

I was particularly impressed with Garfield's Maesteg town centre entry (first time using an SLR) and Colin J's patterns of a bridge entry, which he took on a very simple phone. The winner, for me was Les' lines entry (iPhone), which was runner-up, pipped to the post by the technical spec of a Pentax, rather than any skill or artistry of the operator (me).

Other notable efforts were by Pete (Nikon bridge) and some arty sepia photos from Phil (phone) our Photo Club leader.

Best photos were decided by the club members vote a few weeks ago. Photo of the winners, Phil (left) presented Mark (centre) and Les (right) with their vouchers, thanks Phil.

1st Prize, a £15 Tesco voucher was won by Mark (me) for a long night exposure (15 seconds) of Port Talbot Steel Works, from Broom Hill. It was a windy night and I took about 8 exposures, one came out sharp.

2nd Prize, a £10 Tesco voucher was won by Les, for his iPhone photo of telephone lines and washing lines, he took this from a friend's garden, I believe.

3rd Prize, a £5 Tesco voucher was won by me again, thanks chaps! It was a photo of the blue building on the sea front of Porthcawl taken with a Nikon S9700 pocket camera.

All of the Challenge photos can be seen below:


John Hanson came and talked to us about the “Tools For Self Reliance” scheme which recycles old tools, sends them poorer countries and helps people learn a skills and earn money to be self reliant.

He also brought in a model steam ship which was extremely interesting. He fired it up and ran it for us, thanks John. See the photos and video below:


Nice Day for a ShedFest

On Saturday 2nd September we had our first ShedFest with the help of Sheds in Bridgend in partnership with Awen Cultural Trust, Bridgend County Borough Council, Halo Leisure and Local Community Coordination.

Men's Sheds came from all over Bridgend, Maesteg ShedQuarters, Squirrel's Nest and the Caerau Old Gits were there, among others.

Children enjoyed the bouncy castle and other entertainment, Squirrel's Nest demonstrated their woodwork skills, Caerau'sShedFest 2017 Men's Sheds Wales ShedForce served the free burgers and sausage rolls while ShedQuarters showed off their photo club and other skills, in our tent occupied by our Chairman John Gates and our photo expert, Phil Hillier.

There were also local men from Ogmore Valley, sharing their skills, including an arts exhibition, archery and a bike track. The archers had a long queue of visitors waiting to loose a few arrows at the targets.

Musical entertainment and singalongs were arranged by Les Jones, the Musical Director of ShedQuarters and The ShedHeads with skilled accompaniment by Richard Keen of Squirrel's Nest. Even Andre's 10 year old son, Aaron, joined us on drums for a few numbers.

Richard brought some ukuleles and taught visitors to play a few chords, while Aaron taught a couple of girls the drums.

The day was hot and sunny, ideal weather and judging from the smiles and laughter, a good time was had by all. Thanks to all those involved, especially Andre Van Wyk, in making this happen and be so successful.