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Well.... After Colin had tripped the fuses in the main room so there were no lights and, more importantly, no electricity for our tea urn, he decides to do a talk on fly fishing. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything was hunky dory until Wayne came into the mix, we all know what Wayne is like, apart from being grumpy and cantankerous, he has no idea about fly fishing or safety. Colin showed him the technique a couple of times and was walking out of the way when Wayne decided to try out his new found skill, and hooked Colin fair and square.

Colin wriggled and struggled, much to our amusement, but Wayne was too strong for him and he landed a fine catch.

Next week Colin is giving a talk on chain saws, I don't think I will attend that one :-)

As mentioned in an earlier article I attended a Safeguarding Course run by BAVO. A Safeguarding Policy has been drawn up and was adopted on the 13/09/2018.

The Idea of a safeguarding policy is that we look out for each other and make sure that all our members feel save when they attend any meeting , activity or event  that  we organise. If they don’t then there is a procedure to cover it

Please take time to read it and if you have any thought let us know..

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure



The Court House, 4 Station St, Maesteg CF34 9AL

Safeguarding Contact is John Gates 07490 060549


Policy Statement


Shedquarters is committed to ensuring that all adults, young people and children using our services have adequate protection from harm or abuse and will take measures to prevent and reduce the likelihood of abuse. Their wellbeing is paramount. We will endeavour at all times to provide services and activities which are safe for all adults, young people and children at risk to participate in.

We aim to protect all our members and their children from harm, maltreatment or exploitation, prevent the impairment of health or development, ensure the provision of safe and effective care, support and guidance to promote people’s life chances, opportunities and personal growth.

We will communicate this policy and procedure to all staff, trustees, volunteers, clients and their families / carers, using appropriate methods, formats and language so that our message is understood by all.


We will support and encourage all clients, volunteers and staff to speak up where they have

  • a concern, a worry, issue or doubt about practice or treatment of a service user or colleague, or their circumstances,

  • a disclosure - information about a person at risk of or suffering from significant harm)

  • an allegation - the possibility that a staff member or volunteer could cause harm to a person in their care

…and to report to our named Safeguarding Officer John Gates 07490 060549




When we recruit volunteers and/or staff we will use the appropriate safeguards and checks. We will determine which roles if any are in regulated activity through WCVA Third Sector Safeguarding Service (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  0800 2888 329, ask for Safeguarding) and therefore subject to a barring list check, which roles are eligible for enhanced DBS checks only, and take up references for all posts and volunteer roles.




Harm is caused by accidents, deliberate abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, financial), neglect (deliberate or not) or factors such as bullying, prejudicial attitudes or a failure to enable a person to participate in activities that are open to most of their peers.

All incidents of harm to anyone involved in our service will require an appropriate response to safeguard the individual/s, to reduce risks and improve our service. Deliberate acts of harm (sexual, physical, emotional, financial), exploitation and neglect are abuses against the person and will incur disciplinary proceedings and require reports and referrals to social services, the police, other professional bodies and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) where appropriate.

To encourage everyone involved in Shedquarters to understand that safeguarding is everybody’s business, we will provide opportunities for discussions about issues and concerns, policy and procedures to reflect, review and to continue to learn and improve in our safeguarding responsibilities.




All staff, trustees and volunteers, will adhere to the Safeguarding Policy at all times as a representative of our organisation.

Our Safeguarding Officer is John Gates 07490 060549

The Safeguarding Officer and other trustees, volunteers and staff will have access to appropriate training to support them in these roles. They will liaise with appropriate local and national agencies, contribute to appropriate policies, maintain records and keep confidentiality, adhere to and promote this policy within the organisation, and support or provide access to support for individuals suffering harm or abuse.

Where there is risk of harm to our clients, volunteers or staff, the Safeguarding Officer and trustees are empowered to act accordingly.


  • to log all conversations regarding the issue

  • to sign, date and request signatures on reports and statements

  • to keep such records securely

  • to seek advice from expert sources

  • to share concerns (with consent where required and appropriate) internally with

  • senior staff / Chair of the Board

  • to share concerns and make referrals to external agencies such as Social Services, the Police or NSPCC as appropriate to the circumstances

  • to make a referral to the Disclosure and Barring Service regarding staff or volunteers in regulated activity whose conduct is harmful to clients and when they are removed from regulated activity


All staff and volunteers will be asked to specify any concerns or referrals they have made regarding the safeguarding and protection of adults and children as part of regular staff supervision and monitoring of performance. safeguarding will be an item on every board meeting agenda and further actions taken or followed up as necessary.

Shedquarters will employ a thorough risk assessment and review process and ensure it’s consistent usage.

All staff and volunteers will receive information and training in safe conduct and what to do if they have concerns about an adult or child at risk. This will include information and training on recognizing where there are concerns about an adult or child at risk, what the categories of abuse are, where to get advice, how to report concerns and to whom, and what to do if no-one seems to have taken their concerns seriously.




We encourage staff, volunteers and members to report things that aren’t right, are illegal or if anyone at work is neglecting their duties, putting someone’s health and safety in danger or covering up wrongdoing.

In the first instance you should speak with the Safeguarding Officer John Gates 07490 060549 or another trustee.

Though we would prefer staff, volunteers and members to use internal processes whenever possible to make a report as above, this does not prevent you from making a report or referral to e.g. Social Services, in your own right as a private individual.

Shedquarters will not work with unaccompanied children.




In preparation for events which will include children (aged under 18) of members the parents/carers will be asked in advance specifically to give or deny permissions in writing for photography and trustees, staff and volunteers will have regard to this.




We are committed to treating any personal information that we hold as confidential, which means that all access to information is on a need to know and properly authorised basis. Our staff and volunteers will use only the information they have been authorised to use and for purposes that have been authorised.

Confidentiality and Children (any person who has not yet reached age of 18 years)

The current safeguarding framework does not allow anyone working or caring for a child or young person to promise them confidentiality regarding their personal safety, welfare or need for protection. The welfare of every child is our paramount concern and if it is thought that they are at risk of harm, this information must be shared to allow appropriate agencies (social services, the police) to take steps to protect them. Therefore we cannot promise confidentiality to people under 18 years of age.

Confidentiality and Adults

In law, it is assumed that adults are capable of giving or withholding consent. If we believe that someone is at risk of harm and may need protection, we must consider if they are capable of giving consent and, if so, we must seek their consent before taking any action, which may include a referral to social services or the police.

There are some exceptions to this rule where we do not need their consent to act:

  • Where there is a duty to act (e.g. a crime may have taken place); or

  • When it is in the public interest to act e.g. another person or people, child or adult, are put at risk; or

  • When it is suspected that they may be under the undue influence of someone else.

We would prefer to take any action with their knowledge and agreement, although this may not always be possible. We will keep them informed about any procedures and remain available to support them through it.


When you become aware of a child protection or adult at risk concern: 

Privacy and confidentiality should be respected where possible but if doing this leaves someone at risk of harm then their safety has to come first (as above). It is fine to say that a concern has been raised and it is being dealt with by following Shedqaurters procedures.

If an individual gives you information about a child who may be being abused or neglected then you must act on it regardless of their wishes. In the event that the individual is reluctant for their own personal details to be passed on, reassure them that the information can be passed on anonymously if they so wish it (although it might not be the case as the information within the referral may identify them). Information passed on anonymously will receive the same level of attention as if they agree to pass on their details.

How to respond to signs or suspicions of abuse

Report your concerns to the Safeguarding Officer John Gates 07490 060549 or contact the Local Authority Duty Safeguarding Officer.

Action appropriate to level of concern

If an immediate cause for concern – an emergency (imminent or current risk of serious harm)

  • Phone Police on 999

  • Call the Safeguarding Officer to inform of actions taken John Gates 07490 060549

If an urgent concern (Needs to be dealt with that day)

  • Call the Safeguarding Officer John Gates 07490 060549

If a non-urgent concern (on-going situation) or any other concern (unsure)

  • Discuss the situation with the Safeguarding officer John Gates 07490 060549 to determine if a referral needs to be made to the Local Authority

Contact numbers:


Shedquarters Safeguarding Officer - John Gates 07490 060549



Child Care Assessment Team 01656 642320

Outside office hours Emergency Duty Team 01443 743665


Adult Safeguarding 01656 642477

Outside office hours Emergency Duty Team 01443 743665


This policy was adopted on (date)…13th September 2018.. and will be reviewed annually.

Review Date: 13th September 2019

At last the first project has been completed using the sewing machines. John who plays several instruments in the “Shed heads” our musical group. Was concerned that his Irish drum called a Bodhran might get damaged while transporting it between gigs.

We designed a circular bag to keep it safe.  A patchwork bag is made from left over pieces of very strong  velvety material . It is about 18inches in circumference and about 6 inches deep. It has a zip that goes halfway around the circumference. To make it easy to put the drum in the case

John sewed the case together and even made and sewed on a pocket to keep the various drum sticks in.

John can’t wait to get on with his next project a waistcoat.

On the whole this is a good report but we have to do better by the mid-term report if we want more money of them.


This is what Elizabeth said we have to do


  • If they would like to reallocate some of the budget and provide details of the reallocation.
  • Complete the capital asset tab for the capital expenditure.
  • Amend the income projection to reflect a realistic projection.


But there are other things that we need to do.


  1. In addition to this there are interest sessions on other days of the week, which was not included in the six months update, but has been advised to include in future reports, as well as events.
  2. The group has been advised to keep working towards the 80%, ( members from their designated areas) and not go below the 70% reported at six months, and if still below 80% at midpoint, to make up the 80%, they can count those that are economically disadvantaged from outside of the agreed areas, which the group said are 100%.


3.  The group agreed that recording system can be improved. They feel they could use    an online diary for the weekly meetings and events.


4.  Outcomes are measured through the AC outcome questionnaire and informal feedbacks. Advised that the outcome could be more robust, by adding quotes and specific feedbacks from the participants, and some case studies. The group plan to write some case studies and submit this with future report. Also will start recording anecdotal feedbacks. #


We Need a scribe. Someone who enjoys writing stories,


Recruitment will continue by target leafleting in the agreed areas.


We need to do this during the summer

13% of the budgeted costs underspent at six months. The group has been encouraged to reimburse volunteers for their travel expenses, and also agreed that some of the volunteers expenses originally intended for travel, but not used, could go towards subsidising the cost of ingredients for the shared meal.


The management committee member in charge of purchasing the materials explained that he has been frugal and careful with spending, and has been able to get many of the materials cheaper than budgeted resulting in the underspent, so have been advised that more materials could be purchased to be used later. The group confirmed that the expenditure will be on track by midpoint of the project as many activities will take place in the summer months. However, the Insurance budget will be underspent as they have been able to get this cheaper for £170 instead of the £350 budgeted per year. The group has been advised to discuss how the underspend could be reallocated and provide details in the midpoint update.


 We need to decide how we are going to spend the money without wasting it.


The good news is that:


The group has been advised that they are eligible to reapply once they have gone pass the midpoint, (which is this December) if the programme is open in their area.

As you will see from our Events Calendar, we will be receiving a visit from Alison Clement (Public Health Wales  ) on the 19th July. This is the information she has sent me. If you know of anyone who would be interested invite them along.   

When others were in our workshop, fabric engineering was taking place upstairs. John Gates is seen preparing the men in sewing techniques, ready for us to make our own waistcoats. John teaches at the local adult education centre.

Games Jamboree

Wednesday 23rd May, what a great night. Everyone said how much they enjoyed themselves. Chris the chair from the Caerau Shed wrote to ask when is the next one. Other that the curling game all the other games were made in or small wood working room by or members. 14 turned up 7 from ShedQuarters and 7 from Caerau.

So we split into 7 pairs to have a go on the games. As well as the curling there was roll-a-ball, bounce-a-ball, two games of shove-ha'penny (but because of inflation it was shove-two-pence). two marble alleys and skittles.

The winner of each game was given a voucher. With a prize (four cans of beer) going to the person with the most vouchers at the end of the night.

The night ended well as there was a draw for the prize one member from each shed. Colin from ShedQuarters and Paul from Caerau Men's Shed shared the prize and went home with a couple of cans of beer each.