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Men’s Sheds Members Visit Modular Factory

Men’s Sheds’ are social groups or enterprises set up in local communities for the benefit of men who would normally spend large amounts of time alone.

The idea originated in Australia and was developed by the health board to tackle growing concerns of social isolation amongst the male population.

They found that boredom caused by retirement, unemployment or long term illness could manifest itself in declining mental health.

Sheds spread to Ireland and then the rest of the UK – which now boasts 500 sheds at the time of writing.

Men’s Sheds bring together men with skills in a variety of areas to learn from each other, socialise, enjoy days away and share a meal. ‘Shedders’ can be artists, collectors, carpenters, archers, story-tellers, amateur radio enthusiasts, train spotters and model makers.

Anyone is welcome – and any interest, skill or project is given equal consideration, especially if it could attract new members or gain valuable income to support the development of the group.

Two members from a shed local to the Wernick Buildings factory originally visited to collect off-cuts of timber for their woodworking shop.

The guys were so excited by the facility that a tour was arranged for the whole Maesteg group. Eight Men’s Sheds members were shown the inner workings of the modular building factory, with the Wernick Buildings team remarking that the group was “the most enthusiastic, inquisitive group witnessed on a factory tour”.

John Gates, Men’s Sheds Maesteg Chair commented: “I think we were all impressed and surprised. We all had the wrong idea of the type of buildings you produced. Some of us were brought up in prefabs after the War or saw the classrooms that our children were taught in, hot in summer and cold in winter. We were impressed with the method of production and the quality of the workmanship. Thank you again for arranging such an enjoyable visit.”