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29th June - First Shed Talk. The invitation is wide open to all members of ShedQuarters to have the opportunity to talk or present to the entire group what they are interested in on Thursday 19 June.

Anyone can book a 15 minute slot for this Shed Talks day modeled on the very popular TED Talks with the philosophy that everyone should have an opportunity to share ideas they think are worth spreading.

Any topic is fair game as long as it does not attack any minority group.


Please don't worry about using slides if you don't want to, but if you do want to there are a few of us in the Shed that can help you (technically minded), so just ask for help:)

We are interested in YOU and what you want to share and not how 'good' your presentation is.

With that have 15 minutes as a guide, for how long your talk should be, BUT  if you want shorter or a little bit longer we can accommodate you for sure!