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Flora Photo Challenge

Ok Chaps, ShedQuarters Photo Challenge 2.0 is here at last. It took a tad longer to finalise the Urban Landscape Challenge than expected, but hey, we're in no hurry.

So.... the challenge is flora, that means all plant life, not just the flower on a potted plant, although that can be very interesting as you will see below. Try and keep your hands steady by leaning on something, and take the photos in good light, this will add to sharpness, detail and colour. This is not a high tech camera challenge, two of the last winning photos were taken with an iPhone and a pocket camera. One of the best was taken with a very basic phone.

Also, the photos must be recent, photos you have taken for this challenge, not archive photos you have dragged up from the depths of your hard drive. Please don't strip the metadata when using photo editors (don't worry, this is a deliberate setting), these will not be accepted.

I would like people from other clubs to send their photos too, your best 4 only. The prize, at the moment, will be limited to the best from ShedQuarters, but we hope to expand this, with the co-operation of other club organisers.

If you have submitted 4 photos but take a better one or two, just email me the new photos and I will swap your chosen rejects out.

You have time, we are extending the deadline to the end of November, so get those Autumn colours while you can.

Happy shooting.....

{oziogallery 172}