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Last week several of our members voted to have a go at fabric manipulation and engineering. I won’t call it dressmaking because I don’t think of it that way. If someone wants to make dresses I won’t stop them or judge them, I have made several. It is about time that men made clothes that they want in the style they want and in the colours and materials that they want.

If you look into any clothes shop or catalogue there is loads of choice of smart designs and bright colours for women but there is always that small dark corner, usually at the back of the store. Where the clothes, would not look out of place in a muddy field. Because that is the colour of them, in very few choices of style.

There are places in the world where men dress in smart colourful clothes. Why can’t the men in Wales dress just as smart. We don’t all wear mufflers and cheese-cutter caps and yorks. Can you remember what yorks are?

Learn a new skill. Learn how to turn a two dimensional cloth into a three dimensional article that fits you and shows your personality.

Remember that it is the PeaCock that has the brightest feathers.